landscapes of mobility


Below are a sampling of maps contained within the thesis. After opening, use the zoom arrow for a crisper image. Cleaner copies are found in the chapter pdf’s.

2 Constructed in 1850, the Mission Plank Toll Road was the first accessible road linking the small Mission outpost to downtown San Francisco. The city’s earliest public transit was omnibus (stage coach) lines running along the Mission and the Folsom toll roads. Later, horsecar lines along Valencia and Folsom Streets facilitated increased development within the district.

curb 2 The addition of private parking garages significantly decreased public curb parking spaces. On average 41% of on-street parking spaces were lost due to driveway curb cuts. This ranged from a loss of 13-72% of parking spaces within the middle household income block group within the study area.

newwwwww This map shows the spatial extent of automobility within the study area. Streets (excluding sidewalks) , parking lots, parking garages, auto-related businesses, and gas stations comprise 32% of the total available space within the study area. In comparison, just 2% of space is devoted to public parks. Efforts to re-conceptualize this vast amount of street space could result in new uses and functions of this valuable public space.


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