landscapes of mobility


Many thanks to SF State Geography Professors Jason Henderson and Nancy Wilkinson, who served as my thesis advisers and general distributors of vast quantities of geographic knowledge.

Financial support for my graduate studies was provided by the Switzer Foundation, the California Geographical Society, my book patron Pam Mendelsohn, and computer sponsors Bob and Katie Brown. Your support was most certainly appreciated.

The librarians at the SF History Center of the SF Public Library were, as always, fantastically generous with their time and knowledge, as was Bill Beutner of the San Francisco Architectural Heritage. Additional thanks must go to Department of Building Inspections staff who processed literally hundreds of my applications for garage and basement building permits.

Fellow geographers David Toy, Elmer Tosta, Jon Bauer, Micha Salomon, Chris Terry, Aaron Dillon, Jason Zimmerman, Anne McTavish, and Ellen McElhinney provided helpful advice and feedback.


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